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October 1st, 2010

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Leading @ the Speed of Change: Practical Leadership Development for Peak Performance

“May you live in interesting times.”

Is that an old Chinese curse or a rallying cry to seize new opportunities?

The pace of change is accelerating. Organizations that aren't nimble enough to adapt are failing.

Lehman Brothers was over a century old and considered a “too big to fail” institution. But it fell to pieces over the course of a few days – plunging the whole world economy into an unprecedented free fall.

Today the question isn't “can it happen to my organization?” We now know it can happen to ANY organization.

So what are you doing to prepare? How are you building team and organizational capacity? Are you ready for an economy that can create enormous opportunities one week and teeter on the brink the next?

Leading @ the Speed of Change: Practical Leadership Development for Peak Performance is a rare one-day workshop coming to Calgary and Vancouver this fall. This action-packed seminar will help you deal with change issues today and give you the tools to prepare for a world where things are destined to become even more interesting tomorrow.

At the end of this jam packed session, you will get:

  • insights and tips for coaching and developing others;
  • tools, techniques, and inspiration for strengthening your team and organization;
  • a greater understanding of Emotional Intelligence and how you can use it to develop adaptable teams that can succeed in any environment;
  • ways to identify performance gaps and action plans to fill them;
  • valuable tools to indentify current leadership strengths and potential improvement opportunities;
  • the ability to reframe and refocus negative changes to your advantage;
  • a common language/approach for building a more “leaderful” team or organization.

Join Jim Clemmer as he leads you through a purposeful day of practical leadership activities you can apply on the fly, and see dramatic results almost immediately.

Space is limited, so don't miss this rare opportunity to invest in a transformative day of actionable, results-oriented leadership development.


Workshop Agenda

Leading in Turbulent Times:
Shifting Perspectives Beyond the Obstacles to the Opportunities

  • Change Challenges and Choices
  • Change Choices: Lead, Follow, or Wallow
  • Wallow Words: Ten Popular Excuses for Avoiding Personal Change
  • Everyone Must Lead: Leadership is an Action, Not a Position

The High-Performance Balance: Managing Things and Leading People

  • Getting It Together
  • Soft Skills, Hard Results
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • How’s Your Balance?

Timeless Leadership Principles for Team and Organizational Success

  • The Core of Adaptive Cultures is Built on Change
  • Serving, Influencing, and Leading Upward
  • Moose on the Table: Fostering Openness and Transparency
  • Employee Engagement and Empowerment
  • Building Teamwork and Team Spirit
  • Coaching and Developing
  • Removing Obstacles and Energy Drains

View the detailed agenda here.

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