Team Surveys

Team Surveys Facilitate Synergy

Teams that are collectively engaged and working toward the same goals can have an enormous positive impact on an organization.

To align team members and create synergy within the group, it is important to understand what roadblocks stand in the way. Anonymous Team Surveys are an effective way to capture the candid feelings of team members about their team’s strengths and weaknesses.

We have proven that measuring is the key to driving real improvement. With more than 30 years of experience helping teams collaborate more effectively, Zenger Folkman has perfected the team survey process to consistently bring positive change to any business team.

Zenger Folkman Team Surveys help organizations create positive change by:

  • Identifying key strengths and potential fatal flaws in a team
  • Applying a unique cross-training approach to building a team’s strengths
  • Selecting survey items from dimensions that statistically separate the best from the worst teams
  • Assessing the effectiveness of a team and readiness to improve
  • Supplying user-friendly custom feedback reports and data analyses
  • Helping teams realize the connection between survey results and organizational success
  • Providing both standardized and customized surveys with benchmark comparisons
  • Aligning team members’ developmental goals
  • Assisting team members to create an action-oriented development plan

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