Leadership Levers: Building Critical Strengths

Research on over 75 thousand global leaders across all industries shows that there are six critical capabilities, or “Leadership Levers,” employed by those who produce extraordinary business results.

Becoming highly competent at just one of these critical levers catapults employees into the 72nd percentile of global leaders in terms of effectiveness. Building capabilities across just three of the levers moves employees into the 90th percentile of global leaders.

Leadership Levers: Building Critical Strengths is a one-day workshop that focuses on connecting the strategy and needs of the organization with employees’ strengths, energy, and passion, within the six leadership levers framework. This results in higher engagement, discretionary effort, and the business outcomes that matter most.

Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth.
— Archimedes

Key Learnings

During the workshop, a Zenger Folkman certified facilitator helps participants:

  • Connect the needs of their organization with what they’re good at and what energizes them.
  • Focus on developing their strengths as the best and fastest way to increase their leadership effectiveness.
  • Create a development plan focused on becoming highly proficient at one of the Leadership Levers.
  • Use Zenger Folkman’s proven cross-training approach to dramatically increase their leadership capabilities.


Leadership Levers: Building Critical Strengths is ideal for multi-generational organizations that benefit from all employees leading and influencing others—regardless of position or job title. Both senior leaders and individual contributors will learn how their behavior contributes to a leadership culture, and how it drives the results that matter to the organization.


The course is a one-day, instructor-led learning and planning experience. Learning is enhanced by case study videos, examples, and interactive group exercises.

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