The Inspiring Leader

Inspiring Leaders Motivate Others to High Performance

Is the ability to inspire and motivate others something that can be learned, or are you just born with it?

At Zenger Folkman, we’ve unlocked the secrets behind this mysterious, yet all-important competency. Based on our extensive research, “the ability to motivate and inspire” was the competency direct reports demanded most.

The Inspiring Leader Workshop takes a skill-building approach to this crucial competency. Combining the classroom, surveys and a unique methodology, The Inspiring Leader will help leaders build the leadership skills they need to inspire and motivate their teams to greater success.

The Inspiring Leader helps leaders become more inspiring by:

  • Understanding how inspiring leaders positively impact business outcomes
  • Learning and applying the 10 competencies that define inspiring leaders
  • Discovering the six approaches to inspiring others
  • Identifying and practicing proven inspirational strategies for communicating powerfully
  • Building an individualized action plan that facilitates goal-setting and follow-through

The Inspiring Leader uses data-driven material to help organizations:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Strengthen employee commitment
  • Drive productivity
  • Foster innovation
  • Boost profitability

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