When providing well-researched, world-class development content to your participants, you want to be sure that the content is delivered by world-class facilitators.

We utilize top talent to consult with our clients and deliver our programs. Classroom facilitation is provided in two ways:

We can provide CLEMMER Group facilitators to deliver our workshops.  Each one of our facilitators is an experienced organizational consultant who has been trained and certified to deliver our programs. They typically have 15-20 or more years of industry and classroom facilitation experience. Regularly delivering our workshops to leaders at all levels, across multiple industries, and in private and public organizations worldwide, our certified facilitators deliver Zenger Folkman programs with enthusiasm and an unparalleled level of expertise and knowledge.

Alternatively, many of our client organizations have their own well-qualified facilitation teams and want to deliver Zenger Folkman’s workshops themselves. For these clients, we offer complete, hands-on facilitator certification programs for each of our workshops. Our facilitator certification programs provide robust training experiences, where client facilitators work directly with our Master Facilitators. By the end of the certification process, client facilitators are equipped with the content knowledge, development tools, workshop options, delivery practice and feedback to confidently lead our programs.

Candidates demonstrating a thorough understanding of the content and workshop process and who effectively facilitate their first Zenger Folkman workshop are considered fully certified. From this point forward, the newly certified facilitators may deliver the Zenger Folkman (or customized) program independently within their client organization.

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