The Extraordinary Performer

The ability to make important contributions is within most people’s grasp.

Aspiring to be truly extraordinary can result in tremendous gains in productivity for the organization, while boosting individual on-the-job satisfaction, growth and opportunities.

Built on empirical research that identifies the behaviors that differentiate great performers, The Extraordinary Performer Workshop provides the motivation and tools for all employees to increase their ability to contribute. They learn to understand how to take charge of their careers and their own long-term performance, while making a profound difference in their organization.


  • Learn about the factors that drive extraordinary job per­formance
  • Understand how individual careers progress through stages that allow people to remain high contributors over time
  • Are assessed on 16 competencies that distinguish the highest performing individuals from the rest

Using Zenger Folkman’s unique cross-training approach, participants create a customized, actionable development plan that builds on their strengths, passions and the organization’s needs, providing a clear development roadmap for each individual to implement on the job.

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