The Extraordinary Leader 360 Assessment Certification

In some client situations, our Extraordinary Leader development process is more effectively delivered in a one-on-one coaching setting.

Although we can provide The Extraordinary Leader coaching service, many of our clients have experienced and skilled professional coaches on staff capable of meeting these same needs. Coaches can be more effective when their methods have a thorough grounding in Zenger Folkman’s leadership research, survey instruments, participant materials, and strength-based approach to development.

The Extraordinary Leader 360 Assessment Certification™ (ELAC) is a one-day workshop that provides experienced coaches with the training and license to use The Extraordinary Leader 360-degree Assessment and Development Guide with those they coach. The ELAC workshop is designed to equip participants with a proven process and the necessary tools and skills to coach leaders using The Extraordinary Leader 360-degree Assessment.

Program participants learn:

  • The purpose and structure of the 360 survey
  • How to appropriately receive, prioritize and utilize the reported feedback
  • How to help others use their feedback to create actionable development plans using our unique, strength-based process

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