Customized 360-Degree Surveys

Unique businesses deserve unique solutions. We recognize that every business is different and the need for assessments to match the culture, nomenclature and language of any organization can be paramount.

Moreover, the issues at one organization may not match the issues of others and so it’s important to build assessments that give clear line-of-sight to the issues that impact profitability.  Often, the thought leaders at Zenger Folkman collaborate with clients to build the assessment and development tools that will drive the most impact for the organization.

We will:

  • Work with your organization to create a custom set of leadership competencies specific to your needs. If an organization has an established set of competencies, we can develop a customized assessment that utilizes many of our normed ideas. For organizations that have an established 360-assessment, we can adapt our strength-based development tool to support that existing survey and feedback report.
  • Utilize our state-of-the-art, multi-language survey platform with a customized survey around your specific competencies.
  • Provide feedback reports that challenge leaders to move from good to great, recognize strength as well as weaknesses, identify your fatal flaws and most important competencies.
  • Derive specific organizational normative data that gets at the heart of your leader’s effectiveness.
  • Create a customized non-linear development guide to assist leaders with developing strengths.

The best part? No matter the needs of the organization, we can help create a 360-degree assessment that will drive positive change and success for any organization.
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