Are You Experiencing an Energy Crisis?

It takes a lot of energy to mobilize a team. At times it can be very difficult — especially if your own personal energy is leaking.

Think of a water balloon with a small hole. It doesn’t matter how much water goes in, it will never be full. And eventually the hole will grow until it becomes impossible to continue filling.

The level of energy found in the people we’re trying to mobilize depends largely on how effective we’ve been in the other dimensions of leadership.

Take this quiz and find out where your energy leaks are coming from. Because unlike a balloon, it’s never too late to plug the holes in your own leadership!

1-Not True   3-Somewhat True   5-Very True

  1. I spend a lot of time in Victim mode.
  2. I am sick of constant change.
  3. I haven’t reached my definition of success.
  4. My magnetic field attracts mostly bad luck.
  5. I usually picture negative outcomes.
  6. I don’t have a set of core values.
  7. I don’t have a personal purpose.
  8. I am angry about, and resent, the unfair things that have happened to me.
  9. The world is more bad than good.
  10. When something bad happens, I usually feel it’s my fault, never-ending, and just one more example of my many problems.
  11. People seldom listen to me or take my advice.
  12. I often go along with the majority opinion.
  13. I rarely feel I can be the real me.
  14. Not many people consider me a role model.
  15. My life is boring and dull.
  16. I hate my work.
  17. I focus mostly on my weaknesses.
  18. A lot of my self-talk is negative.
  19. I have a meaningless and thankless job.
  20. I don’t have many blessings or things to brag about.
  21. I have been stagnating.
  22. I don’t really enjoy learning new things and changing my ways.
  23. I prefer to do things on my own.
  24. I haven’t done much to improve my verbal communications.
  25. Emotional intelligence is not that important.
  26. I often feel it’s hopeless, so why bother?
  27. I rarely thank/recognize someone for doing what I expect anyway.

Score27 – 49 points –You’re a source of energy and inspiration.

50 – 74 points – You’re losing some energy. Identify the leaks and work on them.

75 – 99 points –You’ve got some serious work to do on yourself before you can energize others.

100 – 135 points – You have an energy crisis. Start with your biggest energy leaks, and take it step-by-step. You should get counseling or coaching help.