Growing the Distance: Self-Study System

Now you can have Jim as your personal coach. Or you can bring him into your organization to coach everyone. With Jim’s new Growing the Distance: Self-Study System, he will coach you, or others throughout your organization, on how to apply the Timeless Leadership Principles made so popular in Growing the Distance for over 100,000 readers worldwide.

The Growing the Distance: Self-Study System features an audio track and synchronized slides with Jim coaching you through each page of the Growing the Distance: Personal Implementation Guide. This CD is formatted for either Windows or Mac users. You are in complete control. You can run the program in the order and process that it’s designed. Or you can pause wherever you want, skip ahead, return to sections, or skim through the program and pluck out those sections most relevant and useful to you. A thumbnail outline of Jim’s slides allows clicking on any slide and hearing the audio track for just that slide. You get the benefit of Jim’s extensive experience and coaching help customized to your own personal needs and developmental interests.


  • Growing the Distance
  • Personal Implementation Guide
  • Self-Study Multimedia CD