Growing @ the Speed of Life

How to Achieve Enduring Personal, Career, and Family Success

A Half, One, or Two-Day Personal Growth Workshop for Frontline or Management Staff

At home or in the workplace, change is an inevitable fact of life. How we choose to respond to it — as leaders or as followers — determines our personal and professional growth. “Growing @ the Speed of Life” is about developing the leader within all of us. A central theme of the presentation is that leadership is an action not a position. We all need to be leaders regardless of our formal title or role. This starts with inner self leadership and moves outward to influence, guide, support, and lead others. Leadership ultimately shows itself in what we do “out there,” but it starts “in here.”

This powerful personal growth and leadership development workshop is built around Jim’s best-selling book Growing the Distance: Timeless Principles for Personal, Career, and Family Success. Like his international best-selling book (over 100,000 copies sold in numerous languages), Jim’s dynamic workshop style entertains, inspires, and moves readers to action. The book and this workshop weave together many humorous quips, lighthearted stories, and charming tales with “growing points” intended to “drive you to thinking.” This is done with both original and ageless fables, current situations, pithy quotations, and personal examples.

Let’s Get Practical

For almost 30 years, Jim Clemmer’s practical leadership approaches have been inspiring action and achieving results. His 2,000 plus presentations and workshops/retreats, six international best-selling books, columns, and newsletters are helping hundreds of thousands of people worldwide because they are inspiring, instructive, and refreshingly fun. And most of all…because they work!

Jim is constantly distilling his exhaustive research, extensive experience, and collection of best practices into easily understood, highly energizing, and practical applications. His “Growing @ the Speed of Life” workshop is so effective because it inspires action and provides “how-to” steps that — when used as directed — dramatically boost results.

Workshop Menu

Each “Growing @ the Speed of Life” workshop is tailored to the audience and organizational circumstance. Following is an overview of the main sections that Jim can draw from in customizing a session for each Client.

Navigating Change

  • The Best of Times and the Worst of Times
  • Change Choices: Navigator (capitalizing on changes), Survivor (just getting by), or Victim (living in “Pity City”)
  • Keys to Navigating “Above the Line” of Cynicism and Negativity

Read Jim’s article “Navigating Change and Adversity” for a deeper look at the key model/approach in this section.

The Performance Balance

For a brief overview of the material covered in this section click here and here.

  • Finding the Right Balance: Technology, Management, Leadership
  • Managing Things and Leading People
  • Soft Skills, Hard Results: Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

Timeless Leadership Principles for Personal, Career, and Family Success

This section draws directly from Growing the Distance: Timeless Principles for Personal, Career, and Family Success. In the one–day and two–day versions, participants use the accompanying Growing the Distance: Personal Implementation Guide for self-assessment, practical implementation of ideas, priority setting, and action planning to continue what is started in this workshop.

Depending upon the length and focus of the workshop, the process typically used starts with an overview of each of the following Leadership Principles. Participants then assess their personal effectiveness. From here, small breakout discussion groups or the whole group (depending upon workshop size and objectives) review application exercises and brainstorm potential application ideas. We usually finish with participants setting personal action plans.

Focus and Context: The Core of My Being

  • Defining Success
  • Picturing My Preferred Future
  • Clarifying My Core Values
  • My Personal Purpose

Responsibility for Choices: If it’s to Be, It’s Up to Me

  • Dealing with Adversity: Choosing My Perspective
  • Choosing Our Explanations and Our Happiness
  • Increasing My Influence

Authenticity: Getting Real

  • The Real Me
  • Being the Change I Want to See in Others
  • Have, Do, or Be?
  • Getting Feedback on How Others See Me

Passion and Commitment: Beyond Near-Life Experiences

  • Taking My Passion Pulse
  • Determining My Strengths
  • Checking My Work Alignment
  • Deepening My Discipline and Commitment

Spirit and Meaning: With All My Heart and Soul

  • Checking My Spirit
  • The Meaning of My Work
  • Finding the Diamonds in my Own Backyard

Growing and Developing: From Phase of Life to Way of Life

  • Measuring My Growth
  • Signs of Stagnation
  • My Learning Style and Options

Mobilizing and Energizing: Putting Emotions in Motion

  • Checking for Energy Leaks
  • The Leadership Environment I Have Created
  • Inspiring through Verbal Communications
  • Harnessing the Power of Teams

Next Steps: Bringing it All Together

  • What do I most need to do (and when) to implement all my action plans?
  • Who am I going to get to help me (personal coach/counselor, mentor, network, spouse, trainer, consultant, etc.)?
  • How will I ensure I follow through on my plans?

Workshop Options


This is generally an interactive and inspirational session that reinforces or provides participants with an “edutaining” overview of the keys to leadership and change. A few assessment and application exercises may be selected on the basis of preworkshop discussions and customization.


Participants complete selected assessment and application exercises from Growing the Distance: Personal Implementation Guide. Participants assess their overall effectiveness across the seven Timeless Leadership Principles. This helps determine which Principles they want to complete as a whole group or in small discussion groups (depending upon the key issues and number of people in the session). The amount of time and depth in each agenda area is determined by preworkshop discussions and customization.


Participants typically complete all assessments and application exercises in Growing the Distance: Personal Implementation Guide. They get deep into the personal change, growth, and self-leadership issues that need to be addressed and develop detailed action plans. Key priorities, next steps, and follow-through processes are established.

What Participants Gain From This Powerful Workshop

  • Extensive “how-to” workbook (Growing the Distance: Personal Implementation Guide) with hundreds of practical application ideas (depending upon workshop option chosen and pricing)
  • Ideas and inspiration for personally dealing with or leading change
  • Strategies for dealing with the loss of health, relationships, security, a job, money, loved ones, control, and other personal difficulties
  • Recognizing personal Navigator, Survivor, and Victim modes and when each is most appropriate
  • Tools, techniques, and ideas for strengthening their team/organization
  • Ideas for helping or leading others through difficult change
  • Reflection time to reassess personal and professional priorities
  • Assessment of personal leadership strengths and improvement opportunities
  • Set personal improvement plans
  • Reframe and refocus negative changes/adversity
  • Renewed energy and inspiration to live “above the line”
  • Common languages/approaches for a more “leaderful” team or organization
  • Increase personal and team Laughter Index
  • Insights for influencing and leading others
  • How to use the Placebo Effect, psychoneuroimmunology, and the mind-body-spirit connection for increased health and healing
  • Using affirmations to attract health, wealth, and happiness
  • Understanding and applying current research on happiness, luck, and emotional intelligence