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I’d Love Your Input on my New Book

...itive psychology shows how to deal with challenging changes. Hardiness and resilience can be developed and strengthened. Strong leaders practice upward leadership to manage their manager. We can soar or sink on the winds of constant change depending on our approach. Teams and organizations built to change can quickly adjust when the shift hits the plan. How are you, your team, or your organization doing on these key topics? Which ones are the most...

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FCSSAA Attendees

...nuary 17/18. Click here for full details.  ...

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Critical Choices: Lead, Follow, or Wallow

...our own responsibility.” Are you and your leadership team leading, following, or wallowing? Further Reading or Viewing: Webinar on BOLD Leadership “Change Choices: Creating Our Own Reality“ “Building Our Resilience in Facing the F-Word“ “Bouncing Back from Adversity is a Critical Leadership Skill“ “The Victimitis Virus: Undermining and Giving Away Our Power“ “Whining versus Leading“...

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The Nine Behaviors of Outstanding Performers

...Take initiative 6. Walk the talk 7. Use good judgement 8. Display personal resilience 9. Give honest feedback The good news is you don’t have to be superhuman and great at all of the nine behaviors. As I outlined in “Exceptional Leaders Aren’t Well Rounded“, our research shows that developing a few of these areas into towering strengths will elevate effectiveness from good to great. ————————————- For the past 30 years and Leadership Excelle...

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The Purpose Motive: Why Does Your Organization Exist?

...of meaning and purpose. Purpose has a major influence on our hardiness and resilience. This was the basis of psychiatrist Viktor Frankl’s classic bestseller, Man’s Search for Meaning. The book described how he survived the horrors of the Holocaust and outlined his belief that striving to find meaning in our life is the primary and most powerful driving force in humans. And what do you see in the people you’re leading and coaching? If you’re seeing...

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Bee a Purposeful Leader: Build the Spirit of Your Hive

...asricha’s new book just out this month. Neil gets to the heart of personal resilience. He shows how we can step back and focus on the bigger picture during difficult changes or tough times. Carving out the time to cut through the chaos and anchoring back to our own purpose is a vital part of that. Queen bees emit a substance that keeps the hive together. It’s sometimes called “the spirit of the hive.” Few of us can sit around strictly as queen bee...

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Possibility Thinking: Spreading Hope and Optimism

...t Barbara Perry are authors of Putting Hope to Work. In an article entitled “The Leaders from Hope,” they report: “…work connected to the positive-psychology movement has made hope discussable in new ways. Hope has been shown to be the key ingredient of resilience in survivors of traumas ranging from prison camps to natural disasters. Many studies have shown that people who score higher on measures of hope also cope better with injuries, diseases,...

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How the Pandemic Could Positively Reboot and Re-energize Our Organizations

...from this webinar is focusing on self-leadership with 9 ways to strengthen resilience. This is followed by suggestions for leading others with 13 ways to navigate through our stormy seas of disruptive change. Our May issue wraps up with a look at that vital component of dealing with change; trust. It’s incredibly difficult to bring teams and organizations together in a crisis without trust. A Visitor’s Guide to Redwood National and State Parks exp...

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Positive Psychology and Well-Being – 4th Canadian Conference

...tention, and productivity EDUCATORS: discover ways to strengthen students’ resilience, mental health and engagement PRACTITIONERS: come away inspired with evidence-based strategies to bolster your clinical work, coaching practice, or business team The benefits of participation in the conference extend beyond your professional life. Learn new ways to help you and your family get more out of life at home and in your community. Full information here...

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Review of “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor

...imension of our emotional health and well being. On the other hand, it is an entertaining summary of happiness research and applications. And its seven principles are well proven methods for dealing with life’s setbacks, navigating difficult change, building resilience, and increasing optimism and happiness. In reading and reviewing The Happiness Advantage, I was struck – once again – by the point that whether for our own personal growth or leadin...

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmmm on…”Great by Choice”

...ase discipline, respond with creativity, and heighten productive paranoia. Resilience, not luck, is the signature of greatness.” “…it’s what you do before the storm comes that most determines how well you’ll do when the storm comes. Those who fail to plan and prepare for instability, disruption, and chaos in advance tend to suffer more when their environments shift from stability to turbulence.” “Every 10Xer we studied aimed for much more than jus...

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm from… “Deepening Community”

.... This connection strengthens the bonds between us. It builds an emotional resilience within and between us that, in turn, builds mutuality and reciprocity. We begin to open ourselves up to receive and give. Mutual acts of caring become the basis of an ever-stronger feeling of belonging. The deepest experience of community is the privilege to work together with others to make things better for someone else and for one another. To care about the sa...

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Building Flexible and Resilient Teams and Organizations is Critical Today

...eryone’s change readiness. Here are a few keys to building flexibility and resilience: • Increase shared leadership throughout your entire organization around the critical concept that “leadership is action, not position.” • Provide practical approaches and shared language to improve morale, increase engagement, and boost energy by constantly discussing with all staff at all levels that change, uncertainty, and turbulence are times for us to lead...

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