Online Quizzes

Is your Boss a Bully?
Take this quiz to rate your boss’s behavior and get some suggestions to manage the situation.

Leadership, Coaching, and Culture Assessment
Complete this quick self-assessment to get a snapshot of your leadership, coaching, and culture development efforts. We will email your assessment results, along with resources you can dive into to help with your development initiatives!

Do You Have a Moose Problem?
The moose-on-the-table scenario is one that we run into very often within management teams. Issues that go unaddressed, don’t go away. they just get bigger.

The Influence Index
Think of a situation and person on your team or organization you’d like to influence. Take this quiz and find out if you are in a strong position or not.

Quiz – Where’s My Line?
Are You Wallowing in the Swamp? The deadly dangers (both to our physical and mental health) of wallowing below the line in the swamp of negativity and pessimism.

Are You Experiencing an Energy Crisis?
Take this quiz an find out where your energy leaks are coming from. Because unlike a balloon, it’s never too late to plug the holes in your own leadership!

Are You Growing With Change?
There are two kinds of people: those who are changing and those who are setting themselves up to be victims of change. As the world continues to march on around us, if you are only maintaining the status quo  not growing then you’re falling behind.

Purposely Connected or Meaninglessly Working?
If we don’t see a point in our lives and work, the need for change is equally meaningless.

Taking My Passion Pulse
Leaders have a passion for life and a deep commitment to their work or cause. Do you still have passion for what you do?

The Real Me
Leadership is action, not a position. Leadership is defined by what we do, not the role we are in. Are you a real leader?

The Fish Tank Factor
Managers see people as they are and treat them according to what they see. Leaders, on the other hand, see people as they could be. Are you a manager or a leader?

Are You Drowning in E-Mail?
A large and rapidly growing reason for lost leadership time is the exponential increase in e-mail flooding inboxes and washing away hours of productivity. Like a bad B movie, the e-mail beast grows and grows.

Does Your Organization Have a High-Performance Culture?
Is your organization developing a high-performance culture that promotes innovation and continuous process improvement?