Jim Clemmer Introduction

Introducing Jim Clemmer

Jim Clemmer has a lifelong passion for personal, team, and organization development. His research, writing, workshop/retreat facilitation, and keynote presentations focus on “inspir-action” — practical approaches proven to move leaders from inspiration to implementation.

Jim’s seven international best-selling books, blog, columns, and newsletters have helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Jim has delivered over 1,500 keynotes, workshops, and retreats. He can shamelessly drop big names if you’re interested. But he’s also aware that the danger of long experience is staleness and getting stuck in a rut (which can become a grave with the ends knocked out).

To avoid marinating in his own seasoning, Jim’s constantly writing, updating, researching, and expanding his material and approaches. Besides lots of war stories and a few battle scars, he has developed a big toolkit of development exercises, assessments, learning methods, strategic frameworks, and implementation processes. Among his many achievements, he’s especially proud of tripling the size of his forehead!

Jim lives in Kitchener, Ontario with his wife Heather. Despite years of enduring Dad Jokes their three adult children are all married and living in Waterloo Region. They’re now repaying Heather and Jim for those teenage years with the smartest, cutest, and most advanced grandchildren ever born.

This morning/afternoon/evening, Jim brings to us his practical and proven approaches illustrated with entertaining examples and supported by solid research. Please join me in welcoming a development leaders who takes his life work seriously and himself lightly – Jim Clemmer.