Zenger Folkman Webinar

Webinar: 6 Key Ingredients for Inspirational Leadership – Discover Your Personal Recipe!

Feb 28 - 2:00pm ET

Some think that inspiring others simply requires a substantial amount of charisma and enthusiasm. Our research clearly shows that this just isn’t the case—rather than one or two ingredients, it is all about the recipe. Inspirational leadership requires a combination of key ingredients, which can vary by individual.

Join Dr. Joe Folkman and Jared Harding as they present why inspiring leaders have such an impact on employees, and the important role they play in organizational success. You’ll:

  • Participate in Zenger Folkman’s Inspirational Approaches self-assessment to measure your preferences for how you inspire others
  • Receive your individual report live during the webinar!

Register now to learn what the most inspiring leaders do, and how you can use your personal data to create your recipe for success.

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