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The Leading Edge Workshop – Boosting Team and Culture Performance

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Two-day Workshop led by Jim Clemmer

Crazy busy leaders can’t afford to waste time with endless leadership theories (250,000 books on leadership and culture alone?!) – they can’t afford the trial and error of competing leadership theories – and they definitely can’t afford to stall.

The Leading Edge workshop cuts to the core of what’s known to elevate results. Using evidence-based and practical approaches, it updates, consolidates, and translates proven principals into action you can apply immediately to move your team/organization to peak performance. You’ll get 40 years of well-tested leadership approaches , frameworks, and how-to steps boiled down to an essential two-days of learning and planning.


  • Tools, techniques, and actions for strengthening your team/organization
  • Discover how to shift your team’s culture toward much stronger leadership
  • Building a common understanding/framework for leading change
  • How to develop a culture of leaders at all levels
  • Balancing “hard” management systems/processes with “soft” leadership/people issues
  • Reframe and refocus challenging personal, team, or organizational changes/adversity
  • Practical applications and action plans for you and your team
  • Learn how to leverage the leadership skills with the biggest impact on performance
  • Balance Working ON your team with daily operations IN your team
  • Understanding team dynamics and dysfunctional team behavior
  • Go “Moose Hunting” with courageous conversations to address key team and organizational barriers
  • Take away highly practical and extremely useful leadership resources:
    • Extensive “how to” workbooks with assessments, models, and hundreds of practical application ideas
    • Jim Clemmer’s bestselling books, practical application workbooks, and personal implementation guide.
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Agenda - Day 1 - LeaderShift: Transforming Good Managers into Great Leaders


 From Good Manager

To Great Leader

Pushes for results Inspires outstanding performance
Directs and controls Coaches and influences
Solves problems Guides problem solving and owning solutions
Gives feedback Gives and asks for feedback
Focuses on fixing weaknesses Builds and leverages strengths
Sets high goals and standards Energizes with compelling vision and strategy
Builds strong teamwork Fosters a culture of extraordinary effort
Uses his/her technical expertise Develops strong expertise in others
Reduces turnover and increases engagement Attracts and retains the very best people

Lead, Follow, or Wallow: Critical Choices to Change or Be Changed

  • When the Shift Hits the Fan – Thriving in Turbulent Times
  • Taking the Lead – Leadership is an Action, Not a Position
  • Critical Change Choices: Leading, Following, or Wallowing
  • Uplift: The Resilience Track to Bounce Back from a Set Back
  • The New Science of Positive Psychology – Neuropathways to Positivity in a Negative World
  • Act Like a Leader: Practical Applications and Plans

Sharpening Up: Strong Leadership Cutting through the Management Maze

  • 7 Deadly Time Traps – Don’t be Unprepared, Ensnared, and Impaired
  • Honing the Leadership Edge to Powerful Performance Upshifts
  • People Smarts: The EQ Edge
  • Check Your Balance: Soft Skills and Hard Results
  • Act Like a Leader: Practical Applications and Plans

Hone Your Leadership Edge: Proven Principles Powering Peak Performance

  • Yield of Dreams: Tapping Into a Renewable and Infinite Energy Source
  • Don’t Take the Edge Off: What You Control, What You Can’t, and What You Can Influence
  • The Heart Part: Fostering Communications, Openness, and Trust
  • Reduce the Moose: Courageous Conversations to Put Key Issues on the Table
  • Unhealthy Meeting Disorders: A Toxic Waste of Time
  • Logic on Fire: An Inspiring Combination That Ignites and Engages
  • In the Key of E: Engaged, Enabled, and Energized
  • Motivation is an Inside Job: Beyond Manipulation to Inspiration
  • Coach Diem: Seize the Coaching Moment to Up Their Game
  • Information versus Communication: Controlling Rather Than Controlled by Technology
  • Rank, Spank, and Yank: Rise Above Lethal Performance Management Practices
  • Smashing Silos and Turfing Turfdom: Skirting Team Traps and Dysfunctions
  • Thin Edge of the Wedge: Building Peak Performance Teams
  • Act Like a Leader: Practical Applications and Plans

Pivot Points: Leverage Strengths to Multiply Developmental Effectiveness

  • Myth Perception: Don’t Get Lost in the Leaders-Are-Born Maze
  • Do They See What You See: Their Perceptions Are Your Reality
  • Growing Gains: How to Play to Your Strengths
  • Act Like a Leader: Practical Applications and Plans
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Agenda - Day 2 - CultureShift: Is Your Culture by Default or by Design?

Far too many team and organization cultures foster poor or mediocre results. And many leaders feel they can’t do much to change behaviors and culture. But overwhelming research shows that’s not true. Leaders have a major impact on “the way we do things around here.” A team or organization’s culture ripples out from its members and leaders. The single biggest key to transforming a team or organization’s culture starts with its leaders defining and developing their behaviors.

Teams and department/divisions with exceptionally strong leaders build thriving peak performance local cultures even if the bigger culture they’re part of, and leader they report to, are weak. Organizational culture exists simultaneously and independently at three levels: the unit/team, department/division, and entire organization, and developing the culture at every level is crucial.

Culture Rift, Drift, or Shift: The Critical X Factor That Boosts or Blocks Results

  • Making People Stronger for Teams/Organizations and Teams/Organizations Stronger for People
  • The Excellence Edge: Great Team/Organization Cultures Soar Way Beyond Good
  • Team/Organization Culture Stepping Stones or Stumbling Blocks
  • Fatal Failure Factors: Why 70% of Change Efforts Fizzle Out
  • Is Your Team/Organization Culture by Default or Design?
  • Act Like a Leader: Practical Applications and Plans

Setting the Culture Compass: Proven Pathways to Avoid the Swamps and Sinkholes

  • Three Core Questions That Define a Team or Organization’s Culture
  • Overloaded and Overwhelmed: Pruning and Prioritizing
  • True North: Customer-Centered and Serving the Servers
  • What’s Measured is Treasured: Rewards and Feedback Illuminate or Infuriate
  • Structure, Processes, and Systems: Limiting or Liberating Performance
  • Learning and Development Ignites or Impedes Culture Lift
  • Charting the Course: From Inspiration to Application
  • Act Like a Leader: Practical Applications and Plans

From Lip Service to Leadership: They See You Loud and Clear

  • The Snicker Factor: What You Do Overshadows What You Say
  • The Shift Key: Culture Ripples Out from the Leadership Team
  • Leveraging Leadership Time: Change Begins Here
  • Act Like a Leader: Practical Applications and Plans

Getting Your Shift Together

  • From Lip Service to Leadership
  • Implementation Pathways, Pitfalls, and Plans
  • Personal/Team Development Plans: It’s All In the Follow Through
  • Workshop Reflections and Wrap Up
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Workshop Audience

This session is tailored specifically to:

  • Management (supervisors, managers, and executives)
  • Senior HR executives
  • HR/Organizational Development leaders/coaches
  • Anyone leading and driving leadership and organizational culture transformation

Make the most of this investment by bringing your management team. This session helps individuals hone their leadership edge. And those benefits are magnified when a team attends together. We’re offering deep discounts for teams and early registration.

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Special Team Discounts

Make the most of this investment by bringing your management team.

This session helps individuals hone their leadership edge. And those benefits are magnified when a team attends together. We’re offering deep discounts for teams.

Use this opportunity for your team to work together on specific organization issues while participating in their own development.
Save up to $200 per participant!

There will be a lot of personal learning and applications during this intensive development session. But, of course…leadership isn’t a solitary activity in today’s interconnected organizations. That’s why your participation in The Leading Edge will create dramatically higher uplift if you come together as a team.

  • As a team you can take a rare time out from working IN your team to working ON your team.
  • As a team you can assess your collective leadership and culture performance.
  • As a team you can address your obstacles to peak performance.
  • As a team you can brainstorm the practical applications most relevant to you.
  • As a team you can support each other in following through and following up.
  • As a team you can hold each other accountable.
  • As a team you can pull together and strengthen your teamwork.

In addition, you save $100 each when two or more people register and $200 each when five or more people register from the same organization!

Save $100 each for 2 or more members of your organization – $1,095 each
Save $200 each for 5 or more members of your organization – $995 each

No need to make final decisions now. You can reserve as many spaces as you need, and provide us with the participant names later. (However, we do need these names prior to the workshop, and a contact name upon registration.)

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Workshop Dates and Location

This is a two-day, interactive, leadership learning, assessing, and planning experience led by Jim Clemmer in:

  • Kitchener – April 25-26, 2018
    9:00 am – 5:00 pm each day at Holiday Inn Kitchener – Cambridge Conference Centre
  • [Directions] [Hotel Suggestions]
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Fees and Registration

Registration Fee:

The fee for this workshop is $1,195.00 plus 13% HST ($1,350.35 total). This includes all workshop materials, lunches, refreshments, but not hotel/accommodation.

The workshop sessions will begin promptly at 9:00 AM and run until 5:00 PM.

Steep Team Discounts:

Save $100 each for 2 or more members of your organization – $1,095 each
Save $200 each for 5 or more members of your organization – $995 each

Cancellation Policy

Registrants who provide written notice of cancellation at least 30 days in advance of the session start date will receive a full refund. Cancellations received at least 14 days in advance of the session start date will receive a full refund, less a $300 administration fee. Cancellations less than 14 days prior to the session will not receive a refund, but a substitute participant may be sent in their place. Non-attendance will incur full session fee. The CLEMMER Group’s liability is limited to reimbursement of paid workshop fees.

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Participant Materials

This workshop includes seven valuable resources…at no extra cost. In addition to The Leading Edge “how to” workbook with hundreds of practical application ideas, you will receive signed copies of Jim’s most recent books, Growing @ the Speed of Change and Moose on the Table: A Novel Approach to Communications @ Work, as well as his bestseller, The Leader’s Digest, and the Growing the Distance: Self Study System (bestselling book, workbook and CD) for self-assessment, practical implementation ideas, priority setting, and action planning to continue to learn even after the workshop has ended.

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Participant Reviews

“Jim is an excellent presenter. He is organized, conveys high energy and commitment to the topic and keeps session moving.”
– Sandra Foster, Nursing Practice Consultant, College of Registered Nurses

“Motivating, thought provoking, inspiring, informative, practical.”
Shawna Rainey, Manager, Employee Development, Air Canada

“Very useful two days investment.”
Anna Lee, Manager, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

“Awesome facilitator, engaging, informative, interesting – kept me captivated. This workshop will make a difference in making me a better leader.”
Dr. Joseph Kay, Chief of Anesthesia, Halton Healthcare

“Jim did an exceptional job and provided me with many “Aha” moments. He presented the information in a very dynamic manner. Truly the best professional workshop I have ever participated in.”
– Tim Trombley, Director of Entertainment, Caesars Windsor

“We have seen the proof of getting our management team aligned using Jim’s solid principles for balancing management and leadership…invaluable to building our company’s high performance culture. I am a big fan of Jim’s solid folksy and very practical style. In this time of constant, ever-increasing change, having an experienced guide for implementing key leadership principles is very valuable.”
Steven Bryce, Vice President, Finance, Metro Retail Supply Chain Solutions Inc.

“The past 2 days has and will continue to challenge me to look at how I lead people, and not always manage them. Thanks very much. Tremendously insightful.”
– Clint Caron, District Manager, Purolator Courier Ltd.

“Jim has keen insight into what it takes to build a transparent and effective culture. His ability to translate principles into relatable and personal action steps is terrific.”
Denice Torres, Co-Lead J&J Consumer, North America and President, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, HBA 2015 Woman of the Year

“This session is irreplaceable – you had to be there. I can tell others about some of the ideas and I can read the book, but today was so full of insight that it should not be missed.”
Pat Bowyer, Program Developement Coordinator, Construction Safety Association of Ontario

“Clear and concise. Good directives and visionary tools in supporting ideas of change and managing a team. Wonderful two days! Thank you.”
– Susan Roberts, Supervisor Support Services, Groves Memorial Community Hospital

“He speaks about all the ‘real’ stuff, stuff we know we should be doing, and he reminds us and gets us to figure out ourselves how we can do it.”
– Patricia Williamson, Skills Manager, Air New Zealand

“Inspiring, entertaining while delivering essential leadership.”
Wendy James, Infection Control Coordinator, Guelph General Hospital

“Excellent, fast paced session filled with useful, easy to implement tools. Jim is an excellent presenter and very knowledgeable – high IQ and EQ!
Beth Ferrone, HR Manager, The Co-operators General Insurance Co.

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Past Participant Organizations

Managers from hundreds of organizations such as IBM, Blackberry, Petro-Canada, American Express, Westjet, General Motors, Bombardier, Toyota, Syncrude, healthcare, and public sector (municipal, provincial, and federal) organizations have attended past sessions.
Past participants include:

  • IBM
  • Blackberry (Research in Motion (RIM))
  • American Express
  • Petro-Canada
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Westjet Airlines
  • Bell Canada
  • Bombardier Aerospace
  • Air Canada
  • General Motors of Canada
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • University of Waterloo
  • Toyota
  • Hydro One
  • Syncrude
  • The Co-Operators
  • Riverdale Homes Ltd.
  • Dozens of municipalities
  • Manulife Financial
  • Most provinces
  • Waterloo Region Police Service
  • Rogers
  • Baytech Plastics
  • Numerous federal departments and agencies
    …and many others attended past sessions, with consistently high ratings.
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Jim Clemmer - Workshop Leader

For over 40 years Jim Clemmer’s practical leadership approaches have built stronger people and stronger organizations. He’s an “edutaining” and energizing keynote and workshop leader with the right balance of rich content, appropriate humor, inspiring insights, and practical how-to implementation steps. Jim’s 2,000 plus presentations and seminars/retreats, seven international bestselling books, columns, and newsletters are helping hundreds of thousands of people worldwide because they are inspiring, instructive, and refreshingly fun. And most of all – because they work.

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