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The Extraordinary Performer Workshop

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Strengthen and develop future leaders

Helping Good Employees Become Great Performers

The ability to make important contributions is within most people’s grasp. Aspiring to be truly extraordinary can result in tremendous gains in productivity for the organization and can also create new potential career opportunities. Built on empirical research of the behaviors that differentiate great performers, The Extraordinary Performer Workshop provides the motivation and tools for employees of all skill levels to increase their ability to contribute.

Key Learnings

During the course of the workshop each participant will:

  • understand the factors that drive extraordinary job performance and create personal career satisfaction
  • see how individual careers follow a progression of stages that allow people to contribute in different ways over time
  • learn about 16 differentiating competencies that distinguish the highest performing individuals from the rest
  • perform a step-by-step analysis of their feedback report, using a structured process with individual and group exercises
  • use Zenger Folkman’s unique cross-training approach to construct a customized Individual Development Plan
  • receive peer feedback and coaching around their plans in preparation for development discussions with their managers

By the end of the workshop, each participant will have a clear picture of how their performance is currently perceived and what they can do to increase their contribution. Each will also have created an Individual Development Plan that is customized to both their current career stage and their own longer-term career objectives. With the tools they’ll be given they’ll be ready to follow up with their managers and become long-term extraordinary performers.

Workshop Audience

  • Emerging leaders
  • High potential individual contributors

This workshop will help any individual contributor in an organization. It may successfully be delivered to intact work teams, to individuals gathered from different parts of an organization, or a combination of both.

Why focus on strengths instead of improving weaknesses?

Traditional assessments and needs analysis look for gaps. And most 360 feedback tools focus on finding and fixing weaknesses. This often leads to:

  • Participants feeling beat up by feedback reports.
  • Negative response or avoidance of 360 multi-rater feedback tools.
  • Erosion of confidence.
  • Defensiveness and fear of making mistakes.
  • Data denial and feedback phobia.
  • Working on a weak area and only getting it to average – with mediocre results.
  • A belief that extraordinary leadership is achieved by naturally gifted or “born leaders.”

Extraordinary leadership is obtainable. A leader needs to develop just three existing strengths out of 16 competencies to increase his or her leadership effectiveness from the 34th to the 80th percentile! Building strengths is proving to be the only way to move from an average or ordinary leader to extraordinary or exceptional.

In a series of studies looking at the impact of leaders choosing to fix weaknesses versus building on existing strengths, leaders who magnified their existing strengths showed two – three times more improvement in leadership effectiveness than leaders who worked on fixing their weaknesses.

Why Strengths-Based Leadership Development Works Better:

  • Building strengths is the only way to become an extraordinary leader.
  • A strengths focus produces up to three times higher change and improvement.
  • Profits, sales, engagement, morale, and energy levels, turnover, health and safety, and customer satisfaction skyrockets.
  • The spectrum of development methods broadens with cross-training and Companion Competencies.
  • Participant motivation to improve is much higher.
  • Organizational culture is much more positive and energized.
  • It’s a lot more fun to work on strengths!

Developing current and future leaders is a top priority for HR and executive leadership, year after year. Why? Highly effective leaders make a profound difference in their organizations.

The statistics say it all. More effective leadership means:
…higher profits, higher sales
…increased employee engagement, satisfaction and retention
…higher customer satisfaction
…safer work environment

In-House Customization

The Extraordinary Performer Workshop, materials, and multi-rater assessment can easily be customized. Most custom versions are designed to meet two types of organizational needs:

  • To map to an organization’s existing competency model.
  • To provide flexible delivery options, including individualized coaching, etc.
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Workshop Format, Dates, and Locations

This is a one-day, interactive, leadership learning, assessing, and planning experience led by Jim Clemmer that includes a pre-workshop multi-rater assessment, and a career planning process.

Fees and Registration

Not currently scheduled – please contact us

Participant Materials

  • The online Extraordinary Performer multi-rater (360) assessment and personal feedback report.
  • The Extraordinary Performer Participant Manual and unique, cross-training development tool, the Competency Companion Development Guide.

Past Participant Comments

“I liked the 360 feedback and learning how to put an action plan around my career goals, aligning them with business needs.”

“A very focused course with exceptional tools and a fantastic instructor.”

“Provides clarity, excellent tools for improving performance/perceptions — good applicability/background info for future challenge.”

“It was a very good way to get honest and pointed information on my personal behaviors related to my job.”

“This course is excellent for anyone and any stage of their career — to assess their situation and make plans for change/improvement.”

“I’ve been with the company for 30 years. This course gave me some passion back.”
“Very useful information and great tools to use in the future to guide my path and development conversations.”

“It opens your eyes to your strengths and how to improve yourself. I’m excited again about my job and my role in the company.”

“This is a powerful tool that every employee should have access to early in the career.”

“Helps to focus in on development “wishes” and how to change those into goals acceptable to present to your management.”

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