Public Summit

2017 Leadership Summit

November 7-8, 2017

Talent Management Agility

Held at the Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah

The Approach to Talent Management is Changing.

In response to the rapid workforce changes created by the digital transformation, organizations are experimenting with new approaches to leadership development and performance management.

Getting this right requires organizations to:

        • Change their culture by improving leadership development
        • Define extraordinary leadership in the digital age
        • Create a feedback driven culture
        • Leverage internal talent for better results
        • Integrate talent management and HR processes
        • Increase the coachability of the workforce
        • Make the most of hidden pools of talent
        • Boldly drive a high performing leadership culture

REGISTER NOW to join us November 7th and 8th at Sundance Resort, in Utah. You’ll engage with and learn from top industry experts as well as your peers, and will leave with fresh ideas and implementaiton plans you can put immediately to use.

Stay Thursday to sharpen your skills or evaluate one of our award-wining workshops.

  • The Extraordinary LeaderTM
  • The Extraordinary CoachTM
  • Leadership Levers: Building Critical SkillsTM
  • Bold LeadershipTM
  • Leadership SpeedTM

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