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Technomanagement: A Deadly Mix of Bureaucracy and Technology

Technomanaged organizations have things backwards. They are organizations where people serve the systems or processes and customers are made to fit the organization.

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Pathways and Pitfalls to Leading Teams

Most high-performing organizations use a wide variety of teams. Discover the Leading Teams approaches that can help you to avoid the pitfalls and pave your organization's pathway to success.

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Organization Structure Limits or Liberates High Performance

Improvement planning, process management, teams, skill development, and the like are either constrained or boosted by our organization's structure and support systems. If we are unhappy with the behavior of people on our team or in our organization, we need to take a closer look at the system and structure they're working in.

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Measuring Organizational and Team Energy Levels

Take the courageous approach to leadership by building team commitment and ownership. Our "Energy Index" Assessment is a great place to start.

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Leaders Handle Performance Problems

Leaders know that poor performance is like a highly contagious disease. The longer it goes unchecked, the more everyone suffers.

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Inspiring and Energizing with Strong Verbal Communications

Effective leaders that inspire, energize, and arouse people to improved performance, can stand in front of a large or small group and express themselves with a clarity, conviction and credibility that stirs their audience or group members' feelings and emotions.

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Education and Communications Pathways and Pitfalls

Trust and communication levels go together. The source of misunderstandings and mistrust is often in the leaders' behavior and lack of communication.

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Education and Communication Build Commitment

If we want people on our team or in our organizations to behave like business partners, we need to treat them that way. Education, combined with powerful communication systems, processes, and practices, is one of the keys to organizational learning and innovation.

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Communication Strategies, Systems, and Skills

Effective communication is no more a natural skill than leadership is a born trait. However, strong communication strategies, systems, and practices are necessary to keep everyone focused on goals and priorities while providing feedback on progress.

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Bridging the Credibility Gap

One deadly consequence of the management credibility gap is that employees emotionally distance and disengage themselves from their bosses and their organizations, and this we/they schism can have profoundly negative consequences.

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Balancing Technology, Management, and Leadership

In top performing organizations, each area of the "Performance Balance Triangle" is strong and constantly improving, allowing technology, systems, and processes to serve people.

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Are You In Control of or Controlled By Technology?

Many managers are getting sucked into an incredible vortex of busyness and daily fire fighting in this 24/7, always-on, Blackberry culture. When left unchecked, the problem leads to burnout, turnover, morale problems, frenzied everything-is-urgent wheel spinning, and poor execution.

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