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I Predict… More Unpredictability

It’s a crazy time of year . A time for futurists, forecasters, and analysts to line up with seers, fortune tellers, and prophets to gravely tell us what 2009 has in store. Instead of tea leaves, animal entrails, and crystal balls, the “experts” will use data, charts, and complex theories. And they’ll mostly be wrong. […]

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Why Aren’t Common Sense Leadership Principles Common Practice?

A web site visitor from England sent me the following e-mail: “I’m astonished at how good basic common sense reads as a revelation; even more confusing to me, is why it is so difficult for me to share such good practice with managers who are operating with an altogether ‘different’ philosophy and getting it wrong!? […]

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Leading in Turbulent Times

In the midst of October’s economic uncertainty and turbulence, a reporter sent me an e-mail asking what leaders need to do in order to keep their business on track and employees reassured. Here are her questions and my responses: What do a firm’s executives and leaders need to do to reassure staff and maintain productivity? […]

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Living in the Leadership Gray Zone

Effective leaders are comfortable with paradox and ambiguity. This has been a favorite theme of mine since I began studying and writing about leadership over twenty years ago. Recently our son, Chris, was home from university to celebrate his birthday. During the weekend, he and I had a conversation about how much more complex, nuanced, […]

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Accept What Can’t Be Changed and Change What Can Be

Occasionally when I speak to a group, or someone reads something I’ve written, the hallelujah choir descends from the heavens in a blinding flash of insight for that person! Of course, I always love it whenever that happens. Equally as important (but less dramatic) is when someone’s current thinking or approach is reinforced and encouraged […]

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How Effective Leaders Use Rules and Policies

After the following Improvement Point was sent, a subscriber sent me the question that follows. My response follows that. Improvement Point ..on Authenticity “Replace rules and policies with values and trust. Effective leaders treat team members as responsible adults who want to do the right thing for the team or organization. They know that with […]

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The Challenges New Managers Face

A workshop participant from Denmark who’d attended an international management development forum I facilitated contacted me because he was taking on a new assignment in South America. He wrote: “Based on all the new managers that you have met and provided with guidance though the years, what are then the 5-10 most significant challenges these […]

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Can Change be Managed or is that an Oxymoron

A UK reader writes: “I was interested by your article on change management being an oxymoron (see “Change Management is an Oxymoron”). Fundamentally I agree with much of your article. Unless we are personally ready, willing and able to accept change then no amount of theory or application of models will be successful. However, I […]

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Emotional Intelligence Even More Important in Electronic Age

Milli Murray sent me the following e-mail in response to an item on Emotional Intelligence in the August issue of The Leader Letter. She makes an excellent point on how EI is becoming ever more important. It’s clearly a major factor in leadership effectiveness. “I really enjoyed the article on Emotional Intelligence. In an age […]

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What’s New? Who Cares? What Really Matters is what Works!

I am often asked what’s new in leadership or organization development. But what’s most important to improvement isn’t what’s new. It’s what works. Ultimately it’s our improvement action that determines our performance results. The effectiveness of that action hinges upon our follow through. Our learning and leadership or personal development is highly dependent on our […]

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Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence

I came across the emerging research on emotional intelligence about 10 years ago. Having focused much of my own personal development on these issues and then making the training and development of these “soft” skills my life’s work since 1981, I was really excited by this new research. Finally we had hard proof for the […]

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