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Making Performance Appraisals an Inspiring Event

Based on our experience, the majority of people view the performance appraisal process as a negative experience. Even those with the best performance ratings generally find the process to be a waste of time. Most people assign the process to the category of a "necessary evil."

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Developing Strengths or Weaknesses

One of the basic questions facing everyone creating a personal development plan is the fundamental question of whether to focus attention on correcting faults and failings or whether to focus on building strengths.

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Leadership Under the Microscope

Certainly, leadership is a complex topic. The study of leadership begs for a more scientific approach.

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Manifesto for a Leadership Development Revolution

To paraphrase a popular love song, we’ve been looking for leadership development in all the wrong places. We need a better way.

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Can Strengths be Taken Too Far?

A commonly held belief is that strengths taken too far cease to be strengths and become liabilities or weaknesses.

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An Overview of Key Insights from The Extraordinary Leader

Excerpt from The Extraordinary Leader: Turning Good Managers Into Great Leaders

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