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An Example of Strengths Based Performance Management

BARD Access Systems’ experience with how performance appraisals are viewed after the organization focused on strengths, rather than weaknesses.

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How Towering Strengths Can Overshadow Weaknesses

Improving weakness only moves you to average or a little above. Profound strengths overshadow weakness in extraordinary leaders, unless there is a “fatal flaw.”

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The ROI of Leadership Development

The impact of not developing leaders and managers enough or early enough.

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Unfounded Leadership Theories and Competencies

Using empirical data to determine 16 differentiating competencies which clearly predict the best and the worst leaders – and outcomes -- by correlating key performance indicators.

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The Well-Rounded Leader and Weakness Trap

How focusing on weakness and the myth of the “well rounded” exceptional leader have contributed to the current leadership gap.

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Positively Correcting Negative Behavior

Keys steps to effective feedback that’s more likely to result in lasting change.

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The Performance Evaluation Meeting – Focusing on Strengths and Not Weaknesses

Focusing on strengths, not weaknesses to make the most of performance evaluations.

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Towering Strengths Overshadow Weaknesses

All exceptional leaders aren't perfect, but their towering strengths overcome their weaknesses.

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