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High Performing Organizations Provide Spirit and Meaning

I once had a speaking engagement with a cleaning and custodial company at their annual management conference. Arriving early and sitting in on the meeting to get a feel for the group and the conference, I was inspired by what a remarkable job those leaders did of bringing “pride of craft” to clean toilets and […]

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm from…Joseph Campbell

If you want to ask me how you should live your life, I ask you what is the most meaningful thing to you, your raison d’être (reason for existence), and suggest you ally yourself with that (your bliss). – Joseph Campbell: A Fire in the Mind: The Authorized Biography, Stephen Larsen and Robin Larsen …what […]

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Answering Our Call to Adventure in Searching for Purpose and Meaning

The search for meaning is as old as humankind itself. At the societal level, every culture has searched for meaning through religion, mythology, and related pursuits. This clearly comes from deep personal yearnings we all have to find meaning and purpose in our lives. I believe the constant and continuous search is a key part […]

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A Father’s Message in a Bottle

A few months ago, professional speaking colleague (we met and stay in touch through the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), Tyler Hayden approached me with this intriguing offer: “I am co-editing a book called ‘A Father’s Message In a Bottle’ (which will be part of a series – A Mother’s, A Sister’s, etc.) The first […]

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