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A Checklist for Changing Me to Change Them

The changes and improvements we try to make to others must also be the changes and improvements we're trying to make to ourselves.

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Leadership Training and Change Management

Changes, Challenges and Choices

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The Leader’s Digest: Practical Application Planner

The Leader’s Digest: Practical Application Planner

Inspiring and jam-packed with practical application ideas, The Leader’s Digest: Practical Application Planner is a cost-effective way to enrich leadership development initiatives with a medley of “edutaining” summaries for leaders on the go.

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Skip the Forecasts and Build Change Adaptive Organizations

An interview in this month’s Harvard Business Review looked at yet more research showing the folly of expert forecasting. “‘Experts’ Who Beat the Odds Are Probably Just Lucky” discusses a study by Warwick Business School’s Jerker Denrell who worked with Christina Fang of the Stern School of Business. They analyzed years of experts’ quarterly forecasts […]

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Happy New Year!

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Lovejoy Pierce, English poet

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm on … Change Champions

This week marked celebrations of the creation of two countries. Canada Day was July 1 and Americans celebrated Independence Day on July 4. Both countries broke away from British rule. Canada was formed by evolution and America by revolution. It’s a good time to look at a few thoughts on the role of change champions […]

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Harness Resistance to Change as Positive Energy

A past Client and long time subscriber sent me an e-mail recalling the successful work we’d done together years ago. He was at the centre of the work we and the CEO were doing on culture and leadership development. They went on to become named as a Top 100 Employer. Part of his e-mail focused […]

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Leadership Matters – We Must Build Capacity

Leadership is fast resembling the famous Mark Twain quote about the weather – everybody’s always talking about it but nobody does anything about it. Based on their ongoing research, The Conference Board of Canada concludes, “Building leadership capacity has been a top priority for several years, at least on paper. The problem is that, while […]

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Are You Ready for the Changing Workplace?

How are you incorporating social media into your workplace? Is your workplace attracting or repelling the next generation of workers? Are you engaging and retaining frontline team members through effective employer brand management? Are you living your brand from the inside out? Do you lead with What or even How and miss the energizing power […]

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“Shift Happens” Video Ignites Discussion on How We Need to Change or We’ll be Changed

Last week I ran a highly customized Peak Performance Leadership workshop and facilitated a strategy session in beautiful Colorado Springs. It was the perfect place to discuss climbing to higher levels of personal, team, and organization performance — especially during these fast changing and turbulent times. We also got to experience their first heavy snowfall […]

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm on… “Beyond Performance”

As reviewed in my last post, Beyond Performance is an excellent new book chockfull of solid research on the key elements to successful leadership and organization development. Here are a few of highlights of Keller and Price’s findings: “What we might think of as the usual suspects — inadequate resources, poor planning, bad ideas, unpredictable […]

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Book Review: “Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage” by Scott Keller and Colin Price

This is an outstanding book that should become a classic for its extensive research on leadership and organization effectiveness. It’s based on “surveys on the drivers of organizational performance and health from more than 600,000 respondents from 500 organizations across the globe, surveys on the experience of transformational change from more than 6,800 CEOs and senior executives, reviews of […]

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Change Lessons from The Dutch Golden Age

Heather and I have just returned from ten wonderful days in The Netherlands. We began our trip by attending a three day Global Speaker’s Summit in the quaint village of Noordwijk on the shores of the North Sea (about 45 minutes from Amsterdam.) The conference brought together speakers, trainers, consultants, and facilitators from across Europe […]

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Leadership in These Turbulent Times is More Critical than Ever

Turbulence, uncertainty, and lightning quick shifts sure are rocking our world these days! Leading in these turbulent times — and dealing with fear and stress — is on my mind lately as we prepare for my only public workshop this year, Leading @ the Speed of Change: Navigating Turbulent Times. The CLEMMER Group is in […]

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm on… Coaching and Development

"Coaching is the process of enabling others to act, of building on their strengths…To coach is to facilitate, which literally means ‘to make easy’ — not less demanding, less exciting or less intense, but less discouraging, less bound up with excessive controls…Coaching is face-to-face leadership that pulls together people…encourages them to step up to responsibility […]

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmmm on… Leading Through Uncertainty

My last few blog posts dealt with our predictable New Year’s “Silly Season” filled with useless forecasts and predictions. This multi-billion dollar industry is built around our deep insecurity about dealing with uncertainty. But life doesn’t come with any guarantees and nobody knows what triumphs or tragedies await us around the next corner of our […]

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Book Review of Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Fail – and Why We Believe Them Anyway

Once again we face a fresh New Year with countless possibilities stretching out far beyond the horizon. Will this year be filled with triumphs or tragedies? What changes lay ahead? Is the uncertainty daunting or exciting? Are we creating a new earth or witnessing the end of history? Will this be the year of “The […]

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Lessons in Leadership and Change from South Africa

With the eyes of the world on South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup there have been many media stories on the remarkable progress of the country since abolishing Apartheid in 1994. Last Saturday night Heather and I were looking for a movie to watch at home. We happened upon Invictus starring Morgan Freeman […]

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Implementing IT Systems: “Change Management” Is Usually Too Narrow and Unbalanced

We’ve recently run into another wave of problems with implementing new organizational computer systems. In one case, the term “change management” became a derogatory euphemism for having inflexible and ineffective systems forced on divisions and departments. When frontline staff pointed out deficiencies with the system and how it caused problems for customers – and most […]

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Time Travelling: Current Lessons from Changes Past

I don’t dress up in character and I haven’t learned how to speak Klingon, but I have enjoyed the Star Trek TV series over the years – especially Voyager. I love having my imagination fired up by all the possible twists and turns that could be far in our future. When I was writing Growing […]

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