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The Key to Organizational Agility is Leadership Speed

Do you feel like you’re expected to move faster and do more? Are you often frustrated that your organization moves too slow and gets stalled? If your organization were to move faster, would it substantially influence your success? These questions were recently asked in a Zenger Folkman survey on agility and leadership speed. Agreement with […]

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Growing Leaders at All Levels Even More Critical Today

A central theme in Growing the Distance: Timeless Principles for Personal, Career, and Family Success, is dealing with change through continuous growth and development. As we’ve been revising our workshops — especially our core program, Leading @ the Speed of Change, that theme is resonating even stronger. We all need to be leaders regardless of […]

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Don’t Lock the Door and Get Trapped in Old Thinking

The evening before a speaking engagement in Vancouver, I was in a hotel room on the 37th floor overlooking Stanley Park, English Bay, and The Lion’s Gate Bridge. After a pleasant dinner with a friend, I returned to my room. The sun was setting on a beautiful, warm spring evening. Wanting to enjoy the view, […]

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Learning @ the Speed of Change

In his 1973 book Reflections on the Human Condition, social philosopher, Eric Hoffer wrote, “In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” How true that’s proven to be over the past few decades. If […]

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Research That Makes You Go Hmmm on…Forecasts and Predictions

There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home. – Ken Olson in 1977 when he was president and founder of Digital Equipment Corp — a pioneering computer company that no longer exists University of California political psychologist Philip Tetlock spent two decades asking foreign policy experts to make predictions about world […]

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Forget Forecasts and Predictions, Build an Agile Organization

A couple goes to a fair, where there’s a large, impressive-looking machine. The husband puts in a coin and receives a card telling him his age and what kind of person he is. He reads it and gets excited. It says: “You’re brilliant and charming. Women fall all over you.” His wife grabs the card […]

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Reflecting, Renewing, and Refocusing Through Evolutionary Change

One reason organizational change efforts have failure rates as high as 70% is because too many newly appointed leaders take over a team or organization with overpowering messages of revolutionary change. Often the new leader implies that everything the team or organization did before they arrived on his or her white horse to save this […]

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Is the Rate of External Change Exceeding Your Rate of Internal Change?

Change happens. We can’t control much of the world changing around us. But we can control how we respond. We can choose to anticipate and make changes or resist them. Resisting change is usually like trying to push water upstream. Generally we’re quick to point to others who resist change. It’s much harder to recognize […]

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Critical Choices: Lead, Follow, or Wallow

I was booked to facilitate a development and team planning retreat with a group of vice presidents of a large company. The group had a dinner the evening before our session to provide each other with updates and discuss common issues. The company was going through turbulent and difficult times. Productivity and profitability were down. […]

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7 Keys to Leading Change

Change isn’t news. But the continually accelerating pace of organizational change is. People feel inundated, overwhelmed, and stressed. Adaptive organizations provide inspiration and practical tools to everyone in order to help deal with our rapid pace of change and uncertainty. Our turbulent times have created waves of fear, frustration, and uncertainty. When these negative forces […]

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Thriving in Turbulent Times Webcast

Topics covered: Thriving in Turbulent Times –  There is no “getting through this crazy period.” We need to deal with uncertainty and develop our teams/organizations for constant change. Shifting Perceptions: Seeing Beyond the Obstacles to the Opportunities – Whining words of pessimism or winning words of optimism set our personal and collective energy fields which […]

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Our Changing Times Can Be Confusing

A snippet of Jim Clemmer addressing a key dilemma in leading change.

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Navigating Change and Adversity

A very popular model Jim Clemmer uses widely with many audiences around our choices to respond on, above, or below "the line" as a Navigator, Survivor, or Victim.

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Why Most Change Programs and Improvement Initiatives Fail

Some change and improvement efforts have been hugely successful, others have been somewhat successful, and some ended up in the swamp. In reviewing the results, it is clear that a core number of execution problems or failure factors are common to all of the team, organization, and individual improvement efforts.

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Timeless Leadership Principles in a Changing World

Today's tools have changed and our society is organized differently. But the human habits and characteristics that determine our success with today's tools and society haven't changed.

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This Crazy Period of Constant Change is Normal

First, we need to accept that our frenzied pace of change is the new "normal." Then we must help others in our company understand why this is the case and become energized by the exciting possibilities offered by change.

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Successful Change Flows from Learning, Growth, and Development

Resistance to today's change comes from failing to make yesterday's preparations and improvements. We need to deal with change by improving ourselves. Then our time of success must come.

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Successful Change and Improvement Needs Balanced Improvement Planning

Many managers confuse making changes within their organization with making changes to their organization. Both are needed. But they have to be balanced.

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Organizational Changes to Deal with Whirlwinds of Change

Today's societies, organizations, and people have gone — and are going — through major changes. Emerging from research are key elements and characteristics of top performing organizations in today's environment.

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Nurturing Change Champions

A good change champion is passionate about their cause or change. We can't harness or manage champions. Often we're best to point them in the right direction and get out of the way. Then sponsor and protect them from the bureaucracy when they need it.

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