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Courageous Leadership: What Are You Waiting For?

In Samuel Beckett’s play, “Waiting for Godot,” two tramps are waiting by a sickly-looking tree for the arrival of M. Godot. We never learn who Godot is or why he’s important. The tramps quarrel, make up, contemplate suicide, try to sleep, eat a carrot, and gnaw on some chicken bones. Two other characters appear: a […]

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Are You Wallowing in the Swamp? New “Where’s My Line” Quiz Now Online

I’ve long collected research on the deadly dangers (both to our physical and mental health) of wallowing below the line in the swamp of negativity and pessimism. Wallowers usually call this being “realistic.” That’s very true. It is the cynical reality they’ve chosen to create for themselves. When writing Growing @ the Speed of Change […]

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