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Exponential Engagement: The Power of Three

In today’s economic uncertainty employee engagement is critical. Organizational engagement surveys are showing that employee frustration is accelerating as engagement plummets. They feel trapped. With higher unemployment rates and tight job markets, many people on the frontlines — especially those with less specialized skills — are clinging to jobs they don’t enjoy. Employee engagement is […]

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More Evidence That Soft Skills Produce Hard Results

How frequently and effectively do you recognize, engage, and coach the people you lead? Are these strengths or weaknesses? How do you know? What’s your awareness of your self-awareness? As organizations rebound and rebuild for the coming years, these “soft skills” are key to higher performance. A Towers Watson study entitled, Perspectives: Turbocharging Employee Engagement […]

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm on…..Education and Communication to the “Why Generation”

Failing to understand, believe, and share a sense of urgency for why higher levels of customer service – or other organizational transformations are needed – is a major reason the failure rate for change and renewal efforts hovers around 60 – 75%. Today’s younger generations of workers have an even higher need to buy-in to […]

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Coaching and Developing Looming Large for Recovery and Growth

An e-mail inquiry and a Globe & Mail article last week, converged to illustrate the rapidly growing need for organizations to significantly boost their coaching and development skill-building efforts. The Globe & Mail article proclaimed that “a growing number of employees now want a lifetime commitment with one organization.” The piece cites recent studies by […]

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