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The Ten Things Managers Need to Know from “The Leader’s Digest”

It’s always very interesting to see what readers identify as the most significant messages in my books. Occasionally I wonder if they actually read the book I wrote. Maybe they mixed it up with another one? But most often I am pleasantly surprised at what a reader has learned from the book. Through the power […]

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A Good Time to Check Your Balance and Timeless Leadership Learning

As students head back to school this is a good reminder to check our balance and leadership learning. It’s so easy to lose our personal, team, and organizational balance and not recognize that it’s happening. Have you become trapped as your team’s chief technical problem solver? Are work days an endless series of fighting fire […]

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Affirming Team Members is a Key Leadership Skill

Chris recently sent me this e-mail putting his finger on a vital coaching and developing skill: “In your March newsletter, you reference your leadership wheel and I enjoyed reading the results of your findings as put into that model. I am currently working with a person who is in a leadership role and while he […]

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The Vision Quest Continues

I’ve written extensively about the central role of vision to team/organization leadership and personal growth. Learning about the incredibly magnetic power of imagery and picturing my preferred future at age 18 dramatically changed my life. It’s clearly what set me along the path to the work I do now. Improvement Points subscriber, Larry Beckon, responded […]

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The Immediate Supervisor or Manager Has Biggest Impact on Engagement

Keeping frontline staff engaged and energized is a growing problem. The leadership opportunities were just illustrated again last week in a couple of leadership development workshops with supervisors and managers who were frustrated by the low levels of morale and commitment from the staff on the teams they lead. They were quick to point to […]

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