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Love is at the Heart of Strong Leadership

Looking beyond the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, it’s a great time to nurture our inner romantic and express gratitude for our loved ones. As I write I am listening to a randomized Beatles playlist. Of the nearly 200 songs on the list, “The Word” started playing as I began this blog post. Its opening lines […]

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What’s Your Me/We Ratio?

Fellow professional speaker and good friend, Donald Cooper, makes this excellent point in his December newsletter: “In many conversations with business owners and their teams I’ve been amazed and distressed at how many business owners use ‘I’ and ‘my’ when they should be using “we” and “our”. They constantly say, ‘I did this and I […]

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm on…. The Slippery Subjectivity of Reality

My last blog post explored the endlessly fascinating and puzzling conundrums posed by quantum physics. This quirky science is really challenging our understanding of reality. What really is reality? Here are observations on the topic: “Reality: (noun) all of your experiences that determine how things appear to you; ‘his world was shattered’; ‘we live in […]

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