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Stupid Busy: Is Your Leadership Team Overloading Your Organization?

For decades, Harvard professor Michael Porter has studied, written about, and consulted top companies and countries on competitive strategy. He’s found that “the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” A recent issue of Harvard Business Review features an article on “Too Many Projects.” Authors Rose Hollister and Michael Watkins write, “Leaders keep […]

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Thoughts That Make You go Hmmm on … “Dancing with the Talent Stars”

A few thought-provoking insights from Kevin Wilde’s leadership development book, Dancing with the Talent Stars: 25 Moves That Matter Now: “Strong learning practices make the difference. Smart organizations invest consistently in learning, master the essential moves, ensure that what is taught transfers and use partners well for superior performance.” “At the onset of a career, […]

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Keys to Strategic HR Leadership

This fall we’re deep in the thick of helping a number of Clients plan and execute extensive multi-year implementations of leadership and culture development processes to dramatically boost customer service, product/service quality, safety, employee engagement, succession planning, efficiencies, and another key elements of organization effectiveness. Since leadership and culture development are clearly people issues, we […]

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