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From Bah! to Aha! Five Leadership Lessons from Ebenezer Scrooge

One of my cherished holiday traditions is watching various movie versions of Charles Dickens’ much-loved classic, A Christmas Carol. Once our grandkids become old enough (a major highlight of this year was all three of our kids each had a baby), I’ll be able to watch my favorite version, The Muppet Christmas Carol, with them. […]

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Five Common Pitfalls and Traps to Coaching and Developing

Whether it’s to increase service/quality levels, boost engagement and morale, strengthen teamwork, or improve safety, we’re working with many organizations to strengthen coaching and developing skills across the organization.  Through this work we run into some or many of these pitfalls and traps: Confusing “What” and “How” – this comes from confusing inspiration and knowledge […]

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Five Common Team Building Pitfalls and Traps

Teams and teamwork are ever more critical in today’s organizations. Effective teams are central to higher customer service, continuously increasing quality, increased productivity, and greater innovation. Strong and effective teams also increase engagement, development, and retention. Lots of managers fall in these common traps when trying to increase teamwork and build more effective teams: What […]

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