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Leaders Don’t Wait, They Initiate

Last month’s issue featured an exchange I had with a reader on Dealing with Stupid Busy Leadership Teams Overloading Their Organization. I wrote that strong leaders like George who refuse to be victimized by undisciplined senior leaders have three choices. Paul, “a first level manager,” e-mailed to tell me about a “fourth option I’ve used […]

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Rebuilt Website for Better Access to Our Large Resource Library

Since putting our website online in 1996 it’s grown to 1,900 pages of book excerpts, columns, blogs, articles, videos, webinars, and information about The CLEMMER Group’s programs and services. All of these resources became increasingly difficult to navigate, which was further complicated by a clunky website platform that allowed few options to make navigation easier. […]

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10th Anniversary of Publishing “The Leader Letter”

One of the most celebrated anniversaries is birthdays. This month is the 10th birthday of my monthly newsletter The Leader Letter.I published The Leader Letter in April 2003 to coincide with and announce the publication of my fifth book, The Leader’s Digest: Timeless Principles for Team and Organization Success. I signed thousands of pre-ordered books […]

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Six Core Values of Organization Development

Over the years that I have been writing The Leader Letter, culture and organization development emerged as a core theme. One of the early OD works was a 640 page text book written by Newton Margulies and Anthony P. Raia entitled Organizational Development: Values, Process, and Technology. On page three they outline these core values […]

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Quit Working, Diminish Your Fears, and Open Up for Growth

When I moved down the street from a grocery store job to a career in sales that eventually led me into this field, the president of the company made a comment that became a career goal and life beacon for me: “When you love what you’re doing, you never have to work again.”   This […]

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Leadership in These Turbulent Times is More Critical than Ever

Turbulence, uncertainty, and lightning quick shifts sure are rocking our world these days! Leading in these turbulent times — and dealing with fear and stress — is on my mind lately as we prepare for my only public workshop this year, Leading @ the Speed of Change: Navigating Turbulent Times. The CLEMMER Group is in […]

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“Barriers” Like Age Are Often Self-Created

A reader recently sent me a lengthy e-mail raising questions dealing with age and organizational culture. Here’s the essence of it: "My daughter is a youthful 29 years old (and short which doesn’t help!) working in the financial services industry. Over the past four years she has done very well with a few promotions. Her […]

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#1 on the Tempting Ten: “I am Not a Born Leader”

The CLEMMER Group does a lot of work with our Clients in defining and implementing (performance management systems, training, 360 feedback, etc) competency models for supervisors, managers, and executives. Recently I was working with a Client where the issue of nurture versus nature emerged yet again. The question was whether people can improve their emotional […]

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“Extraordinary Vision” Audio Interview now Available for Download

On May 19 I was interviewed for a one hour teleconference by Shelley MacDougall and Kevin MacDonald. Shelley and Kevin have created a program (mainly for the private club industry) called the Extraordinary Leader. It is a tele-class and web-based community with the focus of developing Extraordinary Leaders. This year-long program is divided into twelve […]

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