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Review of “One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life” by Mitch Horowitz

I couldn’t put down this deeply researched, well-written, and fascinating book. His one simple idea is “thoughts are causative.” Starting in the 1830s, Horowitz weaves together an entertaining and insightful history of “the most radical idea of our times.” As a long time student of self-help and personal growth literature and approaches I had many […]

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Harnessing the Phenomenal Power of Self-Hypnosis with Affirmations

My last post featured a series of thoughts on the key Emotional Intelligence, leadership, happiness, and personal growth skill of optimism. As I outlined throughout Growing @ the Speed of Change: Your Inspir-actional How-To Guide For Leading Yourself and Others through Constant Change (my latest book being published next month), there many ways we can […]

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