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Seasonal Magic, Quantum Mechanics, and What’s the Real World?

Tis the season for talk of “Christmas magic.” For much of the Western World the Holiday Season is a time of fantasy, magic, and myths. We’re reminded this time of year how dangerous it is to lose our sense of awe, wonder, and possibilities. Science is rapidly redefining the blurry lines of reality and fantasy. […]

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What in the World is Happening Today?

Last week I introduced the April issue of The Leader Letter by pointing out the world is in the midst of major change. I also suggested that we’re seeing glimmers of hope and signs of renewed growth. Richard Kessener, Out-Patient Pharmacy Manager at Feather River Pharmacy in Paradise, California (I got a taste of paradise […]

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More Reflections on Personal Purpose and Living in the Moment

In one of last week’s blog postings I featured a reflective comment from Gregory Knight, Department Head, Laboratory Services, U.S. Navy, that he posted at the bottom of my article “True to Our Souls.”Click here to read it..” That prompted Linda Morelli, Michael Darmody, and Ravi Tangri to add their insightful thoughts and feedback to […]

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