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Rebuilt Video Section Gives You Dozens of Clips for Personal or Team Development

Last year we made a strategic decision to move my videos to YouTube in order to make them more widely available. As part of this process we then used a web site component to display and categorize these videos on the main web site. Without getting technical –because I am not much of a […]

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Thriving in Turbulent Times Webcast on Thursday (No Charge to Join In)

Are you and your team struggling with constant changes in leadership, direction, and priorities? Are customers, other departments, or your senior management demanding more and more of all of you? Are the pressures of life squeezing the joy from your day? Join us online Thursday (December 3 from 1:30 – 2:30 Eastern Standard Time -5:00 […]

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The First Major Stage in Growing @ the Speed of Change is Finished!

It’s finished! After six months of intensive research and writing I’ve sent the manuscript for my latest book, Growing @ the Speed of Change, to be typeset and printed. Of course, I’ll see page layouts and final proofs so many more times until I’ll clearly need some time off on a few long car cruises […]

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Can You Detach and Press Pause?

Last week’s post included this quote from The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living by the Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler: “Without cultivating a pliant mind, our outlook becomes brittle and our relationship to the world becomes characterized by fear. But by adopting a flexible, malleable approach to life, we can maintain our composure […]

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Growing My New Book Title

One of the most agonizing parts of writing a new book is choosing a title. In some ways it’s like choosing a name for your new baby; he or she will carry all the associations with his or her name for a lifetime. I wrote the manuscript of this book with the working title of […]

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