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Webinar: 6 Steps to Extraordinary Coaching Skills, Elevating Feedback, and Strengthening Leadership

We once worked with an organization where “coaching” was a term that meant reprimand. When a manager said to a team member “I’d like to give you some coaching” it created fear and anxiety. Coaching is a more positive term in most organizations. Many time-pressured leaders know this skill is pivotal to their team member’s […]

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Lead Your Boss to Build Support for Your Development

A highly productive component of The Extraordinary Leader development approach is the Importance Ratings section of the feedback report. This is where each set of raters — including the participant being assessed — are asked to identify the four most important competencies (of the 16 Differentiating Competencies) for their role. What’s especially useful is comparing […]

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The Enormous Coaching Skills Gap

A study on the need for improved coaching skills development conducted by the consulting firm, CO2 Partners, found that only 11% of employees listed their supervisors when asked “whom do you turn to for advice on problems at work?” Organizational surveys show that most managers believe they are providing coaching to employees and score themselves […]

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