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Dramatic Changes, Growth and Development

Since The CLEMMER Group’s founding in 1994, business, organizational life — our world — has been dramatically changing. Our first programs and services were built around my just published, third book Pathways to Performance: A Guide to Transforming Yourself, Your Team, and Your Organization. Over the next 15 years I wrote four more books that […]

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Are You Using All Your Strength?

The cover article in the December issue of Harvard Business Review reminded me of this powerful little story: A scout leader was trying to lift a fallen tree from the path. His pack gathered around to watch him struggle. “Are you using all your strength?” one of the scouts asked. “Yes!” was the exhausted and […]

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Reflections on Personal Purpose and Living in the Moment

It’s been happening so regularly I shouldn’t be so surprised when it happens yet again. I am talking about the “coincidence” of encounters or correspondence while I am working on something along those very lines. Last week I was finishing the manuscript to my latest book. It’s an extension and significant build upon the approaches […]

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