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Building on Strengths Key to Improving Organizational Health

In our culture development keynotes, workshops, and retreats we’ve been citing research from the largest study of organizational effectiveness ever undertaken. A few years ago McKinsey & Company published their extensive research in Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage (click here for my book summary and review). The research study identified nine […]

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Thoughts that Make You Go Hmmm on ….. Team Building

My last post reported on fascinating research from the world of honey bees providing profound and practical insights on building highly effective teams. Team effectiveness depends heavily on the team leadership skills of the person heading up the team. Here’s a look at recent and emerging research on team leadership for stronger team building. “Great […]

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Stop Bribing and Start Leading

Salary increases, bonuses, and incentives are very tight and very scarce in today’s economy. That makes strong, inspirational leadership even more critical. To manage is to attempt to “motivate” people by pushing them with financial and other inducements. To lead is to focus on drawing out – even to liberate – people’s intrinsic motivation. A […]

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We All Need to Lead

There’s a growing urgency for everyone to step up and lead up, down, and across all levels of our organizations today. It’s a theme I am hearing a lot more these days. Here’s some powerful research and perspectives on this topic I pulled together in writing my new book, Growing @ the Speed of Change. […]

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