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Executive Team Building and Culture Development Webinar – March 9

We’ve recorded a webinar on Executive Team Building and Culture Development  that you can access in our archive now. Here’s what we cover: Strategic Organization/Culture Development: Building a common understanding/framework for leading change Leadership is an action, not a position: Developing a culture with leaders at all levels Balancing “hard” management systems/processes with “soft” leadership/people […]

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Managing Time Like Money

I am facilitating a series of leadership development and organization effectiveness sessions for 200 middle managers and senior executives of a public sector organization. One of the key issues we’ve focused on is the growing “expectations gap”– customers/clients are expecting more services while paying the same or less taxes. Of course, this doing-more-with-less pressure is […]

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Creating a Culture of Quality

Social media is a key force in making the Internet truly a world wide web of interconnections. And that means the penalties or pays offs of low or high service/quality levels are exponentially multiplied. Technology for collecting and analyzing data along with process management approaches like Lean/Six Sigma are powerful management tools. They can pinpoint […]

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