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#1 on the Tempting Ten: “I am Not a Born Leader”

The CLEMMER Group does a lot of work with our Clients in defining and implementing (performance management systems, training, 360 feedback, etc) competency models for supervisors, managers, and executives. Recently I was working with a Client where the issue of nurture versus nature emerged yet again. The question was whether people can improve their emotional […]

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Reader Takes Responsibility for His Choices

Last week Don Semple from The Royal Bank left a comment at the bottom of my article “Leaders Take Responsibility for Their Choices.” I was intrigued and asked him what were the major changes he made that changed his life. His response below is a classic example of how moving from a below-the-line Victim to […]

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Lead, Follow, or Wallow

A central theme in my decades of trying to understand, apply, and teach leadership skills is that leadership is an action, not a position. Leadership is what we do, not who we are. Who we become is determined by what we repeatedly think and do. All too many people in leadership roles don’t act like […]

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Time for a Leadership Check Up and Tune Up

The senior manager and support professionals we’ve been working with these days are nervous. There’s a lot of uncertainty and plenty of negativity inside and outside our organizations. As I saw in an offsite executive team retreat I facilitated in January, the biggest danger is that leaders allow themselves to be discouraged, demoralized, and de-energized. […]

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