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Webinar: How to Deliver Outstanding Results AND Build Strong Relationships

Which is more important: Achieving goals/commitments or building trust? Successfully following through on objectives or fostering teamwork and cooperation? Delivering quarterly objectives or building a strong culture? Hitting production targets or ensuring no one is injured on the job? Pushing people toward higher performance or pulling inspired efforts from them? Zenger Folkman’s recent research shows […]

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Struggles with Wasting Time on Weaknesses

If you’re not connected with me on LinkedIn you may have missed the discussion generated by my post, “Wasting Time on Weaknesses“. Some commentators like Richard Peterson agree that weakness-based improvement plans are demotivating and wasteful. He goes further to call people “delusional” who continue to focus on weaknesses despite the “overwhelming evidence to the […]

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The Cascading Effect of Good and Bad Leaders

Recently Zenger Folkman correlated assessment data from three organizational levels to look at the cascading impact of senior leader effectiveness on their direct reports and in turn on the next level below them. The study found that managers who worked for the worst executives had awful engagement levels in the 24th percentile. However, managers working […]

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