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Ways to Boost Innovation and Accelerate Organizational Learning

Like the weather, many leaders talk about agility and innovation, but few managers do much about it. Unlike the weather, there’s a great deal managers can do about building agile and innovative cultures. Innovation and organization learning often falls into the same trap as strategic planning, economic forecasting, and change management. There is no orderly […]

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm on…. Servant Leadership

For gardeners like me, June in Southern Ontario is the peak of the season. Everything is lush, green, colourful, and fragrant. All the hard work of spring preparation and last year’s perennial planting is now paying off. “Servant Leadership” is the theme of the June issue of The Leader Letter being published tomorrow. So here’s […]

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We All Need to Lead

There’s a growing urgency for everyone to step up and lead up, down, and across all levels of our organizations today. It’s a theme I am hearing a lot more these days. Here’s some powerful research and perspectives on this topic I pulled together in writing my new book, Growing @ the Speed of Change. […]

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