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5 Ways to Hone Your Leadership Edge

Would you like to sharpen your personal, team, and organization’s leading edge? Would you like to learn how good managers can become great leaders? Step right up and buy Clemmer’s Magical Leadership Tonic!! The Ultimate Elixir that turns management weaklings into leadership giants!! Sorry. We just ran out. We don’t have a miraculous cure-all to […]

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Talent Management and Global Leadership Development

Talent Management including succession planning, developing high potentials, and attracting and retaining top people is now a critical issue. During the financial crisis and economic downturn of the last few years organizations slowed or stopped leadership development. As executives now face a wave of retiring Baby Boomers and take a longer term view, “leadership bench […]

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Slimming Down my Blog Posts

Tomorrow we publish my November blogs in our December issue of The Leader Letter. The lead article is my blog on “Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm on … Reading and Leading.” As much as the evidence shows that extraordinary leaders are often avid readers, today’s hectic pace makes it especially challenging for many leaders […]

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A Leadership Combination for 10 Times Higher Employee Engagement

Boss A cares about your issues and concerns, leads by example, gives honest and helpful feedback, coaches and develops you, and builds teamwork and trust. Boss B has high standards of excellence, pushes and stretches you and your team beyond what you thought was possible, relentlessly focuses on top priorities and goals, and drives hard […]

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Steve Jobs Showed How Towering Strengths Overshadow Weaknesses

This month’s release of release of “Jobs” the biographical drama film starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs shows our continuing interest in this extraordinary leader. Jobs disrupted and redefined the music, smart phone, computer, and related industries. Jobs’ large legacy resulted from a few outstanding strengths that many called genius. The new film, previous books, […]

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Planning My December 3 Webcast: Looking For Your Input on Broadcasting Options

We are now putting together a 45 – 60 minute complimentary webcast for December 3. This presentation is a look at key concepts and approaches for personal growth and for building leadership up, down, and across an organization. I’ll bring participants my latest research, revised model, and practical approaches from the work I’ve been immersed […]

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