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Re-Fired with Building Strengths

It’s been three years since Jack Zenger and I had one of our periodic update conversations after we headed off in different directions over 20 years ago. Our previous companies, The Achieve Group and Zenger Miller, had worked together for more than a decade. When this conversation took place with Jack, my wife, Heather, and […]

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Use February’s Bonus Day for R & R Time

Since 2012 is the year of Heather and my 35th wedding anniversary, we’ve been living out one of our dreams with a 30 day cruise that left San Diego, CA on January 4 to Hawaii, through the South Pacific, and back to San Diego. There are many, many fascinating aspects to this part of the […]

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Juggling Five Balls of Life

January is the time Heather and I review the past year and refocus our vision on the years ahead. We look at family, house or home, our careers, our physical health, our financial health, community involvement, spiritual growth, and social life. We’re living out one of those visions right now on a Hawaii and South […]

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