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Nervously Awaiting Early Feedback

I am getting better at enjoying the task of writing for its own satisfaction. This year as I immersed myself in writing my newest book, I was often in the magical state of “flow.” I learn at such a deeper level through researching, conceptualizing, roughing out, and then writing on a topic. A good example […]

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Constant Change: Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis

Harvard Business Review published a special July/August issue on “Managing in the New World.” One of the many excellent articles in this expanded issue is entitled “Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis.” The authors state “when the economy recovers, things won’t return to normal – and a different mode of leadership will be required.” They go […]

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Renovations Are Almost Complete: Drop By and Do Some Site Seeing

Over the past few months as I’ve been polishing, editing, and finalizing my new book Growing @ the Speed of Change: Your Inspir-actional How-To Guide For Leading Yourself and Others through Constant Change, our Marketing Director, Aidan Crawford, has been renovating and upgrading our web site. Our consistent goal since our first site was posted […]

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Today everyone must be a leader

This has been our biggest week of the year with the launch of my new book. One of the key themes in Growing @ the Speed of Change is “leadership is an action not a position.” When developed across an organization, leader behavior reverses the draining forces of change fatigue, de-motivation, and slipping morale. Growing […]

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Putting You In the Grow With Our Biggest Day of the Year

Tomorrow is a really big deal for me! It’s the official announcement and unveiling of my new book through my monthly newsletter (The Leader Letter.) Since my blogs preceed what’s then in the following month’s Leader Letter, today’s post is a lengthy sneak peak at the biggest event for all of us at The CLEMMER […]

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