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Losing Heart…and People: Confusing Efficiency and Effectiveness

Recently I worked with the senior leadership team of a large warehouse and logistics company. They’re growing so rapidly they’re having big problems finding people to staff their distribution centers. A major part of that problem is turnover. They’re losing warehouse workers almost as quickly as they’re hired. Costs are soaring and projected to get […]

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Review of “Firms of Endearment”

If the reason for a company’s existence is just profit, they won’t be very profitable. But if a company isn’t profitable, it won’t exist long enough to serve any other purpose. That’s what we call the purpose-profit paradox. Firms of Endearment: How World Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose draws from an extensive research […]

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Join My Groundbreaking Webinar to Boost Leadership and Coaching Development

Bill Bryson’s book, A Short History of Nearly Everything is an extremely entertaining — at times LOL funny — recap of some of the world’s biggest shifts in scientific understanding.  He cites many humorous, and sometimes tragic, examples of prominent scientists who can’t change their thinking despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Here’s an example: […]

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The Multiplier Effect of a Strong Leader

“We all have our boss horror stories. The underminer. The bad communicator. The credit hog. The snake. Then again, if we’re lucky, we’ve all had those amazing bosses as well — the supervisor who encourages all employees to take their work up to the next level; the manager who makes everyone around them look better.” […]

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Research on the Dramatic Impact of Extraordinary Coaching Skills

Have you ever experienced a leader who’s very strong at coaching and mentoring but doesn’t get results? People feel great working with him or her, but the job doesn’t get done. What’s the likelihood this leader would be rated in the top ten percent of leaders? How about a leader who is very good at […]

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How to Become The Indispensable Leader

My last blog discussed the key findings and advice outlined in the Harvard Business Review article, “Making Yourself Indispensable” (click here to read that blog post). At the time that article appeared in HBR, executive coach and bestselling author, Marshall Goldsmith, interviewed Jack Zenger in his Huffington Post blog. Read the interview at “The Indispensable […]

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Complimentary Webinar: Developing Your Leadership Pipeline

For years we have been warned that our labor force will be seriously affected by the aging baby-boom generation. As the years pass, however, it is becoming clear that the threat is not just the baby-boomers retiring. It is much broader. As organizations continue to experience turnover, restructuring, changes in business strategy, and market volatility, […]

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