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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm on… Recognition, Appreciation, and Celebration

“The most neglected form of compensation is the six-letter word thanks.” – Robert Townsend, former Amex and Avis executive and author of Up the Organization “What we’ve found is that exceptional leaders lead with gratitude, they pause to feel and express it first, because they have discovered that this is an essential way to improve […]

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Major Global Study Calls for a Leadership Revolution

The training firm Development Dimensions International (DDI) has just released their Global Leadership Forecast 2011. It’s billed as “the biggest study of its kind, involving over 2,600 organizations in 74 countries. Nearly 1,900 HR professionals and 12,500 leaders participated.” This is the sixth biannual forecast they’ve completed since 1999. The forecast conclusions are very useful […]

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Top 10 Blog Posts for 2010

While you’re recovering from all the feasting – or looking for some time to yourself – here’s a chance to review the most popular of last year’s 100+ blog posts. The links below will take you directly to the post. Many of the blog posts on this Top 10 list were published last summer. That’s […]

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Three Root Causes of Dropping Customer Service Levels

A television producer called me recently to discuss a story she’s working on around declining customer service levels and what to do about it. We agreed that there’s been a big drop in customer service over the past two years. I believe this problem is rooted in three common causes: Misuse of Technology – forcing […]

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Five Common Team Building Pitfalls and Traps

Teams and teamwork are ever more critical in today’s organizations. Effective teams are central to higher customer service, continuously increasing quality, increased productivity, and greater innovation. Strong and effective teams also increase engagement, development, and retention. Lots of managers fall in these common traps when trying to increase teamwork and build more effective teams: What […]

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Eight Keys to Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining Top Talent

The global economic crunch has brought persistently higher unemployment levels to many countries. That dramatically slowed – and even reversed – a focus on attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent. In some cases, organizations were focused on survival. But in too many cases it was a near-sighted focus on the short term. We’re seeing a […]

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