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5 Ways to Deal with a Bad Boss

Bad bosses can be deadly. One 15-year study found that when employees had a difficult relationship with their boss, they were 30% more likely to suffer from heart disease. Perhaps really bad bosses have lower coronary disease because their hearts are seldom used! If you have ever said, “My boss makes me sick!” you might […]

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Executive Team Building and Culture Development Webinar – March 9

We’ve recorded a webinar on Executive Team Building and Culture Development  that you can access in our archive now. Here’s what we cover: Strategic Organization/Culture Development: Building a common understanding/framework for leading change Leadership is an action, not a position: Developing a culture with leaders at all levels Balancing “hard” management systems/processes with “soft” leadership/people […]

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The High Cost of Failing to Deal with Toxic Employees

Cornerstone OnDemand analyzed their dataset of 63,000 employees spanning 250,000 observations and concluded: Good employees are 54 percent more likely to quit when they work with a toxic employee, if the proportion of toxic employees on their team grows by as little as one on a team of 20. As toxic employees make their co-workers […]

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The Fun Factor: Steps to Making Work Engaging and Rewarding

Managers are constantly looking for ways to “motivate” team members. This has led to an endless search for the right combination of carrots and sticks. These often include financial incentives, reward programs such as travel, merchandise or public recognition, punishments, and performance management systems. These approaches can be motivating or manipulative depending upon whether they […]

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How to Motivate Employees to Attract New Customers in a Recovering Economy

Last month Return on Performance magazine asked me to respond to a series of questions on motivating employees to attract new customers in a recovering economy for their “Winning Tips” section. My responses below reflect many of the internal service and servant leadership themes found throughout my work – and this month’s issue. Ask yourself… […]

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Five Keys to Reverse Slipping Morale Levels

Many organizations are continuing to struggle with today’s economic challenges. But the most corrosive threat to long term organizational health and performance comes from within. With contradictory forecasts from pundits, politicians and other prognosticators, many people are highly stressed about their future. Even companies with strong action plans and solid business models are seeing employees […]

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