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Training and Development: Top Ten Lessons Learned

I was recently invited to be a guest on a podcast concerning training techniques. That got me reflecting on decades of my journey in this field. Waayyy back in the early days of my career, I was a young door-to-door sales rep and then sales manager with Culligan Water Conditioning. I took Dale Carnegie sales, […]

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Coaching Matters: Are You a DIY Manager Choking Growth and Development?

Good managers often have strong technical expertise and analytical skills. They love to jump into the details and resolve tough problems. Effective leaders resist the quick-fix, I-can-do-it-better-myself temptation. He or she knows such do-it-yourself projects reinforce the upward delegation cycle (“Hey, boss. Here’s another one for you to solve”). This leads to him or her […]

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Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmmm on…. Coaching

I’ve written quite a lot about coaching as a central leadership task. The CLEMMER Group is getting ever deeper into developing and delivering customized coaching workshops, competency models, performance management systems, and  the like. I have over 300 citations, quotations, and research papers filed under coaching in my research database. Here are a few: “You […]

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Coaching and Developing Looming Large for Recovery and Growth

An e-mail inquiry and a Globe & Mail article last week, converged to illustrate the rapidly growing need for organizations to significantly boost their coaching and development skill-building efforts. The Globe & Mail article proclaimed that “a growing number of employees now want a lifetime commitment with one organization.” The piece cites recent studies by […]

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