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Leadership in These Turbulent Times is More Critical than Ever

Turbulence, uncertainty, and lightning quick shifts sure are rocking our world these days! Leading in these turbulent times — and dealing with fear and stress — is on my mind lately as we prepare for my only public workshop this year, Leading @ the Speed of Change: Navigating Turbulent Times. The CLEMMER Group is in […]

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Overcoming Change Fatigue and Building Resilient and Flexible Teams/Organizations

Many managers, HR/Training/Safety and other support professionals, as well as team leaders are struggling with how to help people deal with constant change. More and more people are complaining of “change fatigue” as organizations deal with: • Continuous changes in leadership, direction, processes, and organization structure; • Relentless pressure to do more with less in […]

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Today everyone must be a leader

This has been our biggest week of the year with the launch of my new book. One of the key themes in Growing @ the Speed of Change is “leadership is an action not a position.” When developed across an organization, leader behavior reverses the draining forces of change fatigue, de-motivation, and slipping morale. Growing […]

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Putting You In the Grow With Our Biggest Day of the Year

Tomorrow is a really big deal for me! It’s the official announcement and unveiling of my new book through my monthly newsletter (The Leader Letter.) Since my blogs preceed what’s then in the following month’s Leader Letter, today’s post is a lengthy sneak peak at the biggest event for all of us at The CLEMMER […]

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